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DJI Mavic Pro

The DJI Mavic is everything most people expect from drones and it’s small enough to carry around everywhere. All drones have failed in at least one aspect or another. Some companies have come out with portable drones but they lack stability or a dedicated remote for precise controls.

Before the Mavic, drones, in general, were still too large for people to carry around for an entire day. Unlike most drones, the Mavic folds in on itself, which means the arms and props don’t stick out.

The Mavic comes with a small dome you can use to protect the camera. This isn’t meant to be used in-flight as it produces some glare. The Mavic comes super close to beating the performance of the Phantom 4. The top speed is 64 km/h (8 km/h slower than the Phantom 4), but flight time is the same.Control range is where things get even more fascinating. Somehow the controller for the Mavic is able to achieve a distance of 6.9 km. That’s over a kilometer more range.

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