Microlight Flying Bangalore

Almost everyone has flown in an airplane. How do you feel about actually flying one? Turn your childhood dream into a reality because here is your chance to fly a microlight plane and literally float in the clouds. You taxi your plane on the runway and if you are up …

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Volvo take over the flying-car.

Rather than just put more vehicles on the world’s congested roadways, Volvo Cars owner Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. is looking to the skies. The Chinese automaker has acquired a U.S. company trying to bring a flying car to market in 2019. Terrafugia Inc., founded by five graduates of the …

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Single Seat Microlight Rally

For the fourth year, the British Microlight Aircraft Association is hosting a SINGLE SEAT MICROLIGHT RALLY at Enstone Airfield. This year the aim is to build on the social success of the event and have a fun weekend of flying, chatting, tinkering and relaxing proving that you don’t have to have two …

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A Brief Introduction to Microlight

Microlights are lightweight air vehicles with no more than two seats. It has a fixed wing and were developed from hang gliders. The Fédération Aéronautique International (FAI) defines the maximum take-off weight of these vehicles to 450kg. You are still required to obtain a pilot’s license to operate a microlight; …

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