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Earth’s magnetic shift to cost one Kansas airport

Eisenhower National Airport google image The Wichita Eisenhower Nation airport will have to renumber its runways due to the slow but constant shift in the Earth’s magnetic poles that’s altered pilots’ compass headings. Airport officials told members of the Wichita Airport Advisory Board this week that the compass headings of …

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Powered paraglider crashes in provincial Children’s Day celebrations

A powered paraglider fell and landed on a palm tree in Chumphon province during a show to mark National Children’s Day on Saturday morning. The accident happened at 10 am behind the Tambon Haad Yai Administrative Organisation in Lang Suan district, tambon officials said. 47-year-old Sathaporn Rakbamrung who was flying …

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Guam son soon to fulfill dream of being a pilot

Castro joined the Guam Army National Guard in 2014 and was unaware it had an aviation unit until he started his officer packet in 2015 and enrolled in the 10-month Officer Candidate School program. Someone noticed Castro’s prior experience in aviation – being an aviation and flight operations major at …

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